James Camping Reserve near Swanpool is a relaxing place to camp in the Strathbogie Ranges State Forest.

Nestled by a creek in the Strathbogie Ranges State Forest, 15km South West of Swanpool, is James Camping Reserve. When on the Benalla road, either turn off at Gandinis Rd or at the sports ground near town and turn south onto Lima East Rd. The road turns to a good quality dirt road for about 6km before the turn off into the campsite.

The weather was pretty wet when I was there with heavy rain. The camping area remained in good condition and the road was excellent.

The beautiful rocky Black Charlies Creek runs along the camping area. The water splashes over and around large rocks and the banks are lined with ferns and forest plants. A lovely relaxing place to just sit.

After the heavy weather, a fallen tree had blocked the road out to the main road and to the town. I found that by following Lima East Rd (a dirt road) to the end I was able to get back to the main road north of town.

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