Greens Road campground near Rushworth has lots to discover. The Whroo Historic Reserve is sprinkled gems waiting to be found.

Whroo Historic Reserve has a camping area about 8km south of Rushworth. Head for the Balaclava Hill Information Centre, turning left just after the dirt road starts. Turn left again at Greens Rd and follow the signs to the camping area.

This site is an old gold mining area, so there is a lot to explore. Tracks spread out all over the place with a number of places to seek out.

When I turned up there a young lad with an immense fear of dogs was camping, so I moved on. I didn’t get to find out the whole story here, but some other campers filled me in on how much there is to see here.

The town is also worth visiting, with a good range of yummy places to buy food. I bought some delicious bread from the bakery.

If you have any information to add about camping around the area or any other special place, please share it on the Travel Sites page.



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