Great Otway

Great Otway National Park has some stunning campground to take the dogs

Great Otway National Park and the Forest Park are highly valued assets of Victoria. This area covers a vast area with a huge range of activities. There are sections here where the dogs can join in on walking, camping, horse riding, cycling, fishing, picnicking or hunting.

Dogs are allowed throughout the Forest Park. Dogs must be on a lead and under direct control at all times within Stevensons Falls Camping Area and Dando’s Camping Areas. Both these campgrounds have a great deal to offer.

The campground at Stevenson Falls is split between tent sites and camper trailer etc sites. The toilet is wheelchair friendly and handy to both sides. There is lots of walking available here, including the trek to the falls. Turn off C119 near Barramunga, to follow a 5km windy dirt road through beautiful forest.

Dando’s Campground is stunningly beautiful. The grounds are large and roomy enough for everyone to have space. The fireplaces are well built, with picnic tables dotted around the place.

Camping with dogs is allowed at Johanna Beach, which is in the National Park. Find it 15km south of Lavers Hill, taking Red Johanna Road off the B100. When you arrive at Johanna Beach, follow the dirt road. You will find pockets of campsites along the way, until you reach the toilets. The beach here is fantastic. The campground is nestled behind the dunes.



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