Lake colac – peaceful and relaxing.

On the shores of Lake Colac, Meredith Park is a peaceful campground in a picturesque setting

Lake Colac is a quiet place to relax. This is a good option for leaving the hustle and bustle of Melbourne two and a half hours behind. The new freeway, bypassing Geelong, makes this an easy journey away from the city.

Meredith Park offers campsites along the lake, with toilets, rubbish bins and picnic benches. This popular campsite and fishing beach is reached by turning off to the west from C146, 10km north of the town. There are also fireplaces and a boat ramp.

There is lots of room for walks or bicycle rides. Just enjoying the peace of this place is enough reason to be here.

Drought has tended to lower the water levels of the dam, which can render the boat ramps unusable from time to time. The upside of this is that the grassy areas along the lake shores have provided a haven for water birds. Black swans and native hens have been noted to breed over spring and summer period in the area.

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