Buckland Valley

Buckland valley, camping at Ah Youngs

Buckland Valley State Forest has a number of campsites to enjoy.

You can find it by turning off at Porepunkah, a little north of Bright. Be careful not to take the road to Mt Buffalo Chalet, both on the way in and on the way out. I stayed at Ah Youngs campsite, but there are many more to explore.

It is worth stopping at the information board when you cross the bridge. It has a list of what to see and where to stay. Some areas/roads in the forest are closed during winter/spring. It is worth checking if you want to explore during these times. It looks as though the camping areas are open all year round.

Of the eight campsites listed, the only one with toilets is the Ah Young site. The roads were in good order when I was there.

The campsite at Ah Young is by a river. It is a lovely spot with lots of room to camp. The river is easy to access and explore. The friendly elderly farmer, whose family has farmed the area for a long time, came down to check on things. A camper had lost his dog a little while back so he was seeing if it had returned. It was interesting to hear how the ownership of land had changed over the years with state and other interests involved.I loved his story about how his Landcruiser ute was all smashed up by an angry bull while he sat inside. It really was a mess!

If anyone explores the area with information on the other campsites, please use the form on the Travel Sites page to share your story.

This was a great find at the end of a long day. Meeting up with the farmer was icing on the cake.



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