Judds Lagoon at Yuleba has fishing, bird life and lots of space

Judds Lagoon at Yuleba is a spacious camping area situated by a large lagoon. The lagoon is great for fishing and the camping area is roomy with plenty of room for big rigs. There are picnic tables near the water.

The town is on the Warrego Hwy, 60 km east of Roma and 80 km west of Miles. The turnoff to Judds Lagoon is just next to the cemetery, just out of town on the eastern side. Turn into Forestry Road and follow this road until you come to the Mongool Rd sign. Turn here and follow this dirt road for about 2 km until you see the Lagoon.

The bird life and ducks love the lagoon too and may come over to be hand fed. The Kookaburras and Galahs will remind you the sun is rising and its time to start a day dedicated to rest and relaxation.

The town has a hotel/motel, food store, post office, and sporting and recreational facilities. The locals are serious about keeping it on the map. One of the drivers behind the energy here can be found at Staples Butchery. Not only can you buy good meat with a free cryovacing service, you can find out what’s going on around town.

Chilly and Max chomped on the bones we bought from the butcher while I relaxed by the water’s edge, watching the ducks float and waddle by. This is one of those places where it seems one is far from civilisation, surrounded by the calming sound of wind in trees, watching the bird life go about their daily business, when in fact only a few minutes away is a town happy to supply the needs of the travelling public.

Cobb camp; Co. Coach Service features prominently here, with the last horse drawn coach in Australia running from Yuleba to Surat in 1924.

Look out for the Native Wells – a picnic area built and maintained by local traditional owners, these wells still hold water. It is said that the word ‘yuleba’ was an Aboriginal word meaning ‘the place of water lilies’.



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