Bushy Park Rest Area at Rollingstone Camping Grounds


Rollingstone has Bushy Parker Rest Area for a break from the Pacific Highway

Bushy Parker Rest Area at Rollingstone has plenty of space, but, even though, it can fill up. Turn east off the Pacific Highway just north of town, across the railway line. Amenities include toilets and a cold outside shower.

The park has some nice BBQ facilities. All of the sites are unpowered, so you may hear a lot of generators being used for power. This is pretty usual for free camps, but for some reason when I have stayed here, there just seemed to be more generators and louder ones that run all hours of the day.

Bushy Parker Rest Area at Rollingstone is a good choice for a break from the Pacific Highway.

The creek that runs behind the park is a lovely place to spend some time. If you happen to be there on a weekend, community markets are held here on the first Saturday of each month from April to September from 8.00 a.m. to noon.

It’s worth checking out the restored Railway Station at Rollingstone. The history in this area has been compiled by and is available from the Rollingstone Historical Society.

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