Morven Recreation Ground is a gem with power and hot showers for $5

Morven Recreation Ground was one of those very pleasant surprises that come along every now and then.

Morven is situated on the south side of town via Victoria Street, this large park area, bordered on one side by a lovely creek, is an oasis.

You will find this little gem just off the Warrego Highway 89 kilometres west of Mitchell. The Landsborough Highway connects here, taking traffic north to Blackall and Barcaldine. Staying on the Warrego Highway goes onto Charleville 89 km to the west.

The grounds at Morven are spacious, allowing for lots of room for everyone and their tastes.

Along the creek is a lovely place to park, but a bit far from the amenities, if you need them. Amenities! Try power poles with water! Not only that, hot showers are supplied in a well-constructed building! All this for $5!!!

The night I stayed here was after a rare long drive. I felt so fortunate to have stumbled onto such a welcomed find. When a town has the wisdom to supply such a facility for the thousands of travellers on the road, one feels compelled to support that clever town with spending money on dinner, supplies or whatever is needed at that time.

Hindsight may have something to do with the foresight of the people here. This area was chosen as an ideal camping spot for early travellers into the Outback, way back in the mid-1800s. The mail route went through here, and eventually a settlement formed. The history around here is worth taking the time to investigate. Get a copy of the Heritage Trail guidebook to get started.

Morven Museum ha a collection of handcrafted, recreated miniature buildings from the bark and slab hut days of early Outback settlement, as well as an original kerosene tin hut.

Otherwise take a break overlooking Sadliers Waterhole or explore the 4×4 stock route trails.



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