Marlborough is a pleasant place to rest from a tiring stretch of highway.

Located 102 km north of Rockhampton and 740 km north of Brisbane, Marlborough is a small service centre for the surrounding cattle-raising properties.

The local pub has a good sized camping area adjacent to it. Hot showers are available for a small fee, or may be free if you decide to enjoy a meal at the pub.

This stretch of road between Rockhampton and Mackay can be pretty boring, so it’s nice to know a friendly face is waiting at the pub. The dogs are welcomed so long they are contained and have good manners.

I like small hops during my travels, so this fits in nicely between Rockhampton and Carmila, with a few other pleasant places between.

The town’s major attraction, until recently, was Martin Hennessy who declared: ‘I am the history of Marlborough’. With his own money this delightful old timer built and filled the Marlborough Historical Museum. Hennessy could regale visitors with wonderful stories of the area. He also claimed to have trained his cow to be a dog – a rather novel notion which is rich with comic possibilities and which sounds more like a story from Henry Lawson or Steele Rudd than an actual event.

It’s the kind of place where all sorts of stories may be found while relaxing in and around the pub.

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