Longreach has a lot going for it, so spend some time here and soak it in.

The Thomson River Camp Area at Longreach is a good spot to stock up and do any maintenance that has been waiting for the right time and place. The turn off is about four and a half kilometres north-west of town, along the Landsborough Highway, on the way to Winton. A blue rest area sign will come into view, so slow down for the turn-off.

The facilities are good with water access and reasonably good toilets. The camping area is large, although there is little in the way of shade. Be careful if rain is about, as the area further from the toilets can get quite boggy. You can see the different kind of soil.

Swimming and fishing in the river is a favourite past time. Campers and locals join in the fun here. Fishing from the pedestrian bridge is also popular. A boat ramp is across the road. We went there for our swimming time.

A picnic area with 2 sets of toilets is within the Apex Park, next to the camping area. Covered picnic areas are provided as well.

Along the river are bush tracks to walk, run and ride along. Years ago we camped along here before the rest area was formed. You will find locals picnicking along here cooling down after a hot dusty day.

A 4-day limit does exist, but if you need to stay longer it isn’t a problem, especially if you need to get something fixed or storms/fires are about.

The Longreach information centre in town is excellent. Head there first up and let them know you are camping at Thomson River. They will let you know where the Pool is for a $2 hot shower, along with the long list of what to do and see.

Of course one needs to visit The Hall of Fame and the Qantas Museum whilst in Longreach.

There are a couple of very good coffee shops in Longreach, well worth seeking out. Start at the Bakery and try around the corner next to the gym.



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