Home Hill

Home Hill Comfort Stop provides clean hot showers and a great kitchen!

Home Hill Comfort Stop, about an hour south of Townsville, is much more than just toilets. It also includes free HOT showers, parenting facilities, two electric barbeques, sinks, large stainless steel bench, and eating areas. Power points are also available to recharge your mobile phones and laptops. Lots of seating is available in the huge undercover kitchen area. Lots of travellers sit here sharing and comparing their travels over a freshly cooked meal.

Motorhomes, caravans and campervans are allowed to stop for 48 hours in Railway Avenue at the rear of the comfort stop – in the centre of town. A black water dump for RV’s is nearby. All this is supplied with a smile. All the town asks is that you buy your supplies in town if possible and explore its district.

Please park carefully and thoughtfully – don’t waste the available space by parking too far away from the vehicle in front or behind. In the Winter tourist season, Railway Avenue in Home Hill iis a popular stop for a lot of people.

The facilities of the Home Hill Comfort Stop and surrounding area have been made available for the use and enjoyment of local residents and visitors.

All litter to be placed in PUBLIC/COMFORT STOP bins only, not private industrial bins. Maximum stay 48 hours. Activities should not restrict public use or access to any land, fixture or fittings. Overnight stays in vehicles only – no tents allowed.

The following activities are prohibited at Home Hill:
Parking across driveways or on footpaths. Clotheslines or washing. Use of generators. Disposal of grey, black or chemical water. Commercial activities.
Disposal of grey, black or chemical water – not into the toilets, please. A dumping point has been built for water just across the rail – see map.
Suggestion – bring some pieces of wood of varying thicknesses to place under your van wheels – the street has a camber.



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