Giru Boat Ramp has a camping area with a ramp, great for boating and fishing…

One for the fishing enthusiast! Giru Boat Ramp is not such a pretty place and the toilet is a quite smelly can in a little house. The grounds are mostly dirt and there isn’t much room to camp, as it is quite popular.

If you have a boat and your dog loves coming out on the boat, then this is a great place to camp.

Giru lies between Townsville and Ayr, closer to Ayr. The township is on the Eastern side of the Bruce Highway. Go through town and follow the signs to the boat ramp.

The waterways come out at Bowling Green Bay. The Bowling Green Bay National Park is on the southern side. I’m not sure what the legalities are in the bay itself, but the northern side is not NP.

Most here were friendly and it seemed like a nice little community in Giru.

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