A relaxing campground with large fishing space.

Calliope River Rest Area is very large camping ground 70km north of Miriam Vale and 27km south of Mount Larcom.

Camping at this scenic campground by the river is both relaxing and perhaps rewarding for the fishermen and fisherwomen lazing along the grassy banks. There is a 48-hour limit though, so make the most of your stay.

Straddling the river 7km northwest of the Dawson highway and Bruce Highway intersection, the area is split in two by the river. Once they were joined by an old concrete bridge spanning across the river, but now the bridge is closed to traffic, being considered unsafe for vehicles. Access to the Calliope campground is from either side of the river.

The turn off 4km north of Dawson Highway will take you to a broad area, able to accommodate a good number of large rigs. It is lower than the northern side, so if it looks like flooding rain, chose the northern area. Access to the northern section is via River Ranch. Perhaps not as much room as the southern side, but a very nice and shade spot with lovely views over the river.

At Calliope the bird life here healthy and friendly, if not downright cheeky! It may have something to do with the popularity of the Rest Area. It does get very busy and can be noisy on weekends, when the local lads come out to play.

There may be concerns over Box Jellyfish from time to time and also the odd crocodile may venture into these parts. Always be aware of any signage trying to bring your attentions to any dangers.

Reports of vandalism have been made, which is an unfortunate price to pay when a place is as popular as this one is. If you do find any damage, please report it to the Gladstone Council so any problems can be rectified. It would be a shame if it all got too hard for the council and the rest area is closed. As we all know, the better the facilities, the more time and money we spend in the area.



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