Bluewater Park-Camping-Area

Bluewater Park

Bluewater Park, a handy spot from Townsville and its NORTHERN beaches.

Bluewater Park is a traveller’s oasis off the Bruce Highway, 29km north of Townsville. It’s only a 24 hour stay. But sometimes that is enough, to take a break from the road when on a mission.

Situated by a creek, the Bluewater Park camping area has shady areas to cool off. Bluewater Park has massive green grounds, adjacent to the camping area. This gives a sense of space and provides lots of room for the puppies to play.

The facilities are good and clean with water available. There is a handy dump point here as well. Barbeques and picnic tables are provided. A playground is in the park for those lucky little people travelling around.

The newly developed Urban Forest and Fitness Trail is worth seeking out. It’s great to get the blood flowing after too many hours in the car.

Toolakea and Bluewater Beach are popular recreational areas. Nearby there is a boat ramp facility, and waste transfer station, towards the end of Bluewater Drive.

If you can spend more time in this area, it’s worth exploring the many free camps around this region. Townsville Regional Council has a list on their website.

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