Babinda is popular for very good reasons.

The RV friendly town of Babinda has a rest area nestled by a creek with banks carpeted in luscious green. I have to admit being biased, as this is the area I call home. Badinda is a pleasant stroll to the west over the railway lines and over the Bruce Highway. The information centre is helpful even when busy, as it often is. Local arts and crafts are available here too.

The Bakery in Babinda is your best bet for an early coffee and breakfast. Don’t leave town without trying the Chinese at the pub. People come from miles around to eat here, so best to book. Lunch it Yummies is good value and made with heart; also a popular place with the locals.

The Munro picture theatre was blown apart during Cyclone Larry. Fortunately, it has been rebuilt bigger (sound wise) and better (sound wise) than ever. Time your stay for Friday, Saturday or Sunday for the best value movies on the big screen I know of. Last time I was there it was $7, a bit more for 3D – yes! 3D at the Munro Theatre. Look it up on the Internet for what and when.

If you prefer videos, a wide variety is available at very affordable rates.

The Hardware has a surprising amount of stock to help you modify or repair your rig.

Need a cheap T shirt to get dirty in or a gown for a ball coming up, you won’t do better than the op shop on the corner. All proceeds go to right places, so if have outlived your need for anything useful, this is the place to unload. I emptied my shed here before I started my travels. The locals volunteer their time to do up older items for sale. This is true recycling.

If you feel like a cool dip, head west through town to the Boulders. The only limitation here is that the dogs can’t go with you here. Cassowaries live here and it is National Park.

Backpackers sometimes work at my place and the one thing they all comment on is the relaxed friendliness of the people they meet at Babinda.



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