This camp at Ayr by a creek with a ramp, is a handy place to know.

While in Ayr and looking boating stop over, follow the signs out to Plantation Creek to find a little camp by the boat ramp.

The toilet facilities are good and there is a small supply of water. A caretaker lives there. I didn’t meet her, so I don’t know all the details, but I guess if I was getting something wrong, we may have met.

There is a maze of sand tracks to follow from the camp at Ayr out to the beach. It’s very easy to get lost on these, so have a GPS with the camp marked or at least bring a compass.

The mosquitoes can be extremely fierce here at night. I had to give the dogs their own mozzie proof tent to sleep in.

It’s worth a trip out to Alva Beach while staying at Ayr. This is a terrific beach to take the dogs. There is a 4WD access point at the north end of the beach. The park has water and BBQs under shelter among lovely trees. The beach access at the park takes you over the dunes to the beach. We had a ball out there. The caravan park is dog-friendly and quite reasonably priced.

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