Archer Point

Archer Point has the reef at the beach, glorious sunrises and a refreshing wind.

Archer Point is one of those top-notch places. I first came here in 2001 when it wasn’t as well known. It is still as good as ever with plenty of places to set up camp. The turn off from the highway is about 15km before Cooktown with a large “you can’t miss it “sign. The area is of a great Aboriginal importance with the bushland on the way being protected. The 15km or so of road can be a bit bumpy in places, so keep the speed respectable.

Once you arrive, a number of camping sites can be found stretched out all the way to the lighthouse. It is worth scouting about to find a spot that suits you. Cooktown is notorious for wind and Archer Point is close to Cooktown. It is possible to find a calm spot tucked behind some bushes or into the side of a hill.

Be prepared to get out the levelling gear and to spend some time getting the right position. Archer Point is magic and well worth setting up properly to take in the sheer beauty and tranquillity, other than the constant wind.

There may be crocodiles about, so beware if you decide to snorkel or let your dogs swim. There are some lovely spots with coral close by that are worth seeking out at low tide.

Sunrise is special here. Some places just are, like Carmila Beach south of Mackay. The views from the lighthouse are spectacular! The climb up is steep, so if you are not fit, drive up. You can get a mobile signal up there too.

TV reception is vague but possible if you have a good set up.

Wild dingoes roam about, so once again be aware and make sure your dog is always with you. It is best to feed your dog then pack any food away for later.

Lots of people have good success fishing at Archer Point. Being able to walk out to the reef is a popular treat here.

There are no facilities at Archer Point, so bring your own toilet, water and food. Lots of rubbish floats onto the beach, so it’s a good idea to bring out your own rubbish and a bit collected from the beach. Cooktown is pretty handy and well stocked for travellers. At least 2 Laundromats are available.

Two-wheel drive is fine for the dry season, but I would be doing some heavy research via the Search Page during the wet season.



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