On the Road

Travelling on the road with your dogs has a few considerations

On the road with your dog can be heaps of fun, it can also be miserable and down right dangerous.

Max just loves the car. He watches everything go by and gives me big kisses because he is so happy to be on the road. Chilly lies down and waits for the journey to be over. He doesn’t get sick and even joins in the fun if things smell or look interesting enough, but I do have to consider him when we are on a longer trip.

I make sure a water bottle is available to fill a water bowl during our breaks from driving.

My Landcruiser wagon has the back seat taken out. On one side I store spare water and other boxes not used daily. On top of that I have 2 single mattresses on top of eachother for the dogs, giving them lots of room to stretch out. A cargo barrier or some sort of restraint is law and is a good idea for safety in case of accidents or sudden braking. It is highly recommended when four wheel driving.

When we are at camp they will often jump back into the car as it so cosy for them. In fact getting them out can be an issue if the weather is not to their favour. The important thing is that they have a comfortable place to be that has a factor of consistency about it. Of course the windows and rear barn doors are kept open, particularly on a warm day. I have a rear awning in case it is raining.

Of course the dogs are never locked in the car with windows up during the day. If we are staying in an area with warm nights, I set them up on their camp bed in the annexe.

Both dogs are micro-chipped and they wear tags with their names and my mobile phone number.

Toys are a great way to get exercise and can add a bit of consistency. Dogs love habits and having familiar things around them, so having toy time and regular meal times helps keep them calm and relaxed in strange environments.

I keep a couple of different sized tick removers handy at all times. They are cheap to buy and do the job they are designed for very well.



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