The Surf Club at Killcare is a relaxed place to dine while on your dog travel journeys.

Killcare Surf Club is fine dining beach style. Sitting by the Pacific Ocean eating good quality food at reasonable prices, with my dogs, is a treasure.

The coffee is excellent and the service is relaxed and friendly, yet efficient. It is possible to have a simple breakfast with coffee for under $10.

The beach has a dog exercise area that is leash free from the end of the large car park near the Surf Club to the Bouddi National Park. The exercise area takes up most of that stretch of beach, so there is heaps of room to play and swim in this incredibly beautiful place.

You do need to look out for the green wooden sign for the national park. It sits low in the sand on the high side of the beach. You will see it if you know to look for it. I didn’t know about the sign. Some friendly locals pointed out I had strayed to far, so I turned back. Unfortunately the other dog person nearby chose to ignore them. This reflects on us all and partly explains our ever-decreasing freedom of movement with dogs.

The Google Search page is for your convenience when researching information on possible destinations. Of course use it for any search you like.

By typing in the name of the destination, you may find many other blog entries on sites submitted by fellow travellers. The insights gained here can be invaluable.

The aim of providing this page for your research, you will be as up to date as possible on any information you may need to ensure a safe and rewarding journey.

Your research may include; road conditions, pet food stores, cattle station owners for permission to camp, State Forest locations and directions, destination highlights and history and anything else that helps make your travels enjoyable for you and your dogs.




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