Ellenborough Reserve Camp Area is Great for DogTravel


Ellenborough Reserve Camp Area is a lovely setting.

Only 500m off the Oxley Highway, Ellenborough Reserve has a great deal to offer.

A beautiful river runs around the grounds at Ellenborough. One area is for day picnics and the rest is for campers. 14 days is the maximum stay.

The grounds are large and level with heaps of room for large rigs. Lots of shade and some covered picnic tables. The barbeques and fireplaces are always a nice bonus.

The toilets at Ellenborough are good and clean with wheelchair access. Water is available as well.

I have heard that ticks and fleas live here too. I didn’t stay long enough to experience this, but keep a look out if you stay here a while.

On the banks of the river, there are chairs to lounge on while watching the river run by. My dogs love rivers, although sometimes the currents can be a bit fast for safety. It’s a good idea to check before going in.

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