Bundarra – a fine rest.

The camp ground at Bundarra was an easy place to stay. Lots of room to move!

Location: 30 Ashburton Close, Arundel

Bundarra Rest Area is a fine place to take a rest. The Lions Park Rest Area is south of Inverell on the Gwydir River. A large grassed area nestles between the river and the road heading south to Armidale and Uralla.

There is lots of room to play with the dogs and explore the river.

Bundarra Rest Area is only 3km south of the town on Thunderbolts Way, making it easy to slip into town for basics if needed.

When I was there, the causeway crossing the river was flooded over with a huge tree stranded across it. At 6am the next morning a backhoe arrived, clearing the way.

The Toilet block is in good order with flushing toilets and wheelchair access. A huge rubbish pit is there as well.

Good sized covered picnic tables are on one end with a large area available towards the river crossing. Fireplaces are available as well as water.

Phone reception at Bundarra is good.

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