Ariah Park

Ariah Park is convenient when you need to plug in at an affordable price.

Ariah Park is in the Riverina region of New South Wales, 35 kilometres west of Temora and 65 kilometres south of West Wyalong, just off the Burley Griffin Way.

The Camping Area has lots of room with good amenities, including power if needed. It is situated on the edge of town. The Hotel, Post Office or cafe takes the small fee for the full use of the amenities, including power and showers.

The signs say dogs must be on a lead. Ariah Park and around it are open areas which make for good doggy strolling and sniffing.

When I was there, the winds had piled up dried plant growth on the main street, building upon shop walls. It was like being in an old western movie set!

Ariah Park Camping Area is a handy place to know about for those times you want the convenience of town life and good amenities including power.

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