New South Wales

[av_submenu menu=’37’ position=’left’ color=’alternate_color’ sticky=’aviaTBsticky’ mobile=’active’ mobile_submenu=’aviaTBmobile_submenu’] [av_one_full first] [av_heading tag=’h3′ padding=’20’ heading=’New South Wales is a beautiful state with great sites boasting good amenities.’ color=” style=” custom_font=” size=” subheading_active=” subheading_size=’15’ custom_class=”][/av_heading] [av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] Taking the dogs travelling in New South Wales is packed with an amazing variety of scenery and fantastic places to stay and play. In general I find the amenities to be of good quality and the number of places to stay with dogs plentiful. Quite a few places don’t have restrictive time limits and the attitude is welcoming.

The range of places to see, stay and play is so great that New South Wales has to be experienced to be truly appreciated. The sheer beauty of the state stunned me. I can’t say that any one place was a stand out because so many places were jaw dropping. Driving through the countryside was inspiring. No need to go to anywhere special, just trundle along and enjoy a truly beautiful state.

The State Forests are great places to camp with the dogs. The facilities are usually very good and the grounds spacious. A good deal of information is available on the Internet about the State Forests. The dogs love them because their owners have lots of room to take them on long walks or bike rides.

There is camping at surf beaches all the way down the coast. I haven’t found them all yet, but that is where I need help from my fellow travellers. My dogs love the surf and I find it is great exercise for them.

Once inland, the scenery is everything from the lush subtropical hinterland of the northern rivers to awe inspiring ranges around the Snowy Mountains to the dry hot harsh interior, where the land flattens, the roads straighten and the farms get larger.

At the southern border with Victoria, the mighty Murray River offers some of the best camping to be found anywhere. The brilliant beauty of this river cannot be overstated.

You will find some of the hottest and coldest places in the country here; so be prepared for anything, as anything is possible here!
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