Located in Kerewong State Forest, around 20 minutes from Kew and approximately 3kms from Swans Crossing, Longworth’s Tramway Heritage Walk is a 2.4km return walk along the old tramway.  The tramline was used to haul timber to the Camden Haven River.  It is a nice short walk highlighting some of the history of the area.

Leeches were in abundance when we visited so make sure you take precautions to stop leeches and check your dog’s feet.

We left our car at the car park (side of road) at the entrance to the walk and then hiked into Swans Crossing Campground.  Spent the night and hiked back out to the car.  Swans Crossing is a great place to camp, swim and also has another hike along the creek.

This is a great short trip for anyone wanting to try out overnight hiking with their dogs.

There is a great write up on the walk on the Geocaching website here:  https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC4JJ3R_longworth-logging-tramway?guid=958031a3-3a1e-4daa-8f1c-d5c21444f758



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