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This is where the Doggy Fun stuff goes. Dog videos, dog photos, dog breeds and whatever gets submitted. Hope you enjoy this page as much as we enjoy living it!

Join in the Doggy Fun as the joy of dog travel and the associated experiences are shared.

I hope to put some details on dog breeds here as well, as all those different shapes and sizes have as many different characteristics. Max is 45kg and is usually the biggest dog around. He doesn’t push himself around, but he does know he is the ‘big dog’. Recently we were on the beach at the same time as the Great Dane Club. It was so funny to watch Max react as he coped with a pack of Great Danes. Intimidated is how I would describe the look on his face!

You can use the Invitation on this page, or join in by either sending a note through the Contact Us page or the Comments page.

We hear some amazing stories about dogs and the antics they get up to. Some dogs have the most incredible abilities.

Chilly boasts he is an amazing surf dog. He crashes through the waves, gets dumped from time to time, but always comes up with ‘pinky’ (his favourite floating toy), over the froth and bubbles, proudly delivering ready for the next throw.

Max loves to run. He gets a huge grin on his face when he knows he has the room to really stretch out. He also has the ability to jump extremely high, so nothing gets in Max’s way, he just goes over it!

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