Dog Travel Sites

Find and share great dog travel sites!

My aim for this page is to share information about dog travel sites we have enjoyed. These places usually have room to have a good sniff around.
Flowing rivers are a winner. The three of us floating down a river, stopping from rock to rock, playing stick on the way, is top shelf. Just find out about Crocodiles BEFORE you go in.

The beach is a sure fire place to wear out the puppies, old and young. Some beaches are more dog friendly than others. Usually there is a sign indicating a need for leads or not.

Staying on huge cattle stations by rivers and dams is very relaxing. It is good manners to ask first and always be respectful of being on private property. Some of my best experiences are on cattle stations. Time limits aren’t as strict either, so long you do the right thing.

Once I build the page where other travellers can share their experiences, several topics of shared interest can be added where appropriate. This is where I believe the true strength of this travel website will lie.

As I build this website, details including location, amenities and costs will be posted of locations we have found worthy of sharing.

Know of A Great Travel Site for Dogs to Stay and Play?

Found a great campsite at a beach where the dogs could run free? Did the local cafe have water bowls for the dogs? Tell us about it!

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