Dog Travel Health

Dog Travel Health has its challenges.

The best system is preventative maintenance.

Dog travel health requires a good deal of discipline. Staying on top of timing for flea, tick and worm dosing, to remembering when the heartworm tablets are due, can be tricky on the road.

The yearly vaccine shot can slip under the radar fairly easily too.

I keep all their papers together in one spot, including vaccination papers, identification papers for their micro-chips and any registration papers that are current.

I will post links to websites I have found that give, as much as possible, an unbiased range of health pointers. These websites include natural approaches as well as the more modern mainstream medications that are available. I do not recommend, I only share the information. If you would like to know what I use with my dogs, I am happy to reply to questions sent on the Contact page.

I hope to increase the number of links as more quality Websites are found.

A daily Dog Health routine is best for preventative maintenance.

Pet Insurance

Insurance is something that seems to be a part of modern day life. Even our pets can be insured. Is it worth it? Well, when I ad up all the vet bills I have had over the years, then look at pet insurance policies and what they cover for a particular premium, I have to say that it looks as though I would have been better off.

We all know that an emergency visit to a vet is usually going to be worth hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. It has happened to me. The trauma of the animal is closely followed by the trauma of the budget.

All I can suggest is look into the premiums and what the policies cover. A common threat to our pets is paralysis tick. Even the most conscientious owner can miss a tick. Perhaps this is a good test case when weighing up pet insurance.

The strength of this website is that visitors will also share any knowledge they have through the Comments page.

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