Dog Travel Comments is where you can comment on anything to do with dog travel, travel sites, roads etc or to just say G’Day.

I meet so many very friendly people on the road with dog travel comments of some sort, something to add to the knowledge base and a good deal of friendly advice to share.

All sorts of people have information on everything from where to find a good vet where necessary to a great place to take the dogs for a swim. Local knowledge and experiences, tick warnings, campsite tips and heads up on some good websites can make life just that bit easier and more enjoyable for all.

I am always on the look out for important information like baiting in areas where signage is not compulsory and basic needs like discount pet supplies, butchers with good quality yet cheap pet mince, off cuts and bones.

There may be the occasional need for a kennel at a fair price and even, in an emergency situation, a need to consider shipping animals. Any advice available on these issues is important to have on hand.

Perhaps day care can be arranged for a day’s outing. Some caravan parks cater for this around tourist sites.

By creating a caring and supportive community, life on the road can be even easier than it is already.

With this website and the Dog Travel Comments page, I hope to share as much as I learn and invite others to share their experiences and knowledge.

Just saying G’Day is enough!

The Search Site page is for your convenience when researching information on possible destinations. Of course use it for any search you like.

By typing in the name of the destination, you may find many other blog entries on sites submitted by fellow travellers. The insights gained here can be invaluable.

The aim of providing this page for your research, you will be as up to date as possible on any information you may need to ensure a safe and rewarding journey.

Your research may include; road conditions, pet food stores, cattle station owners for permission to camp, State Forest locations and directions, destination highlights and history and anything else that helps make your travels enjoyable for you and your dogs.

If there are issues using this page, please let me know through the Contact Us page.

Have your say, or just say G’Day!

Here is the place to comment on anything you like, or just to say G’Day. There may be a modification required to one of my Travel Site pages, or a better photo may be available to post. A neighbour might want to drop a line and maybe share a photo of where we were camped. Enjoy this website, that’s the main aim here.

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