Dog Communication

Martin McKenna shares his knowledge about Dog Communication with us.

I was introduced to Dog Communication in June 2011, when Harper Collins emailed me asking if I would like to interview Martin McKenna about his latest book “What’s Your Dog Telling You?”

My dogs were turning three years old and we had a terrific relationship. We had been travelling around in the campertrailer for a year without any dramas.

Other campers would approach me and tell me how well behaved my dogs were. Often I would hear that my dogs were better behaved than their own children and grand children. These kind people noticed how calm and relaxed the boys were and I would stand there nodding my head in proud agreement.

The book arrived and I was glad to see it was a small book. All was well in my camp and this book would have little to give me and my Chilly and Max – I thought.

It took two days to read “What’s Your Dog Telling You?”. In those two days I learned about my dogs and what they were saying to me. I was quietly shocked. Perhaps even more importantly I learned what I was telling them!

In the following two days I put this new understanding, this new language into practice and watched the relationship with my dogs turn into one where this human was indeed communicating with another species. I had become a dog communicator.

What was a great relationship is now beyond what I thought was possible. We really are part of the same pack, with me now understanding what my obligations are in the pack. Max and Chilly are even more relaxed and calm, as they too understand their obligations in the pack. They always did really, it’s just that now I do too and our lines of communication are not as confusing as they were.

By the time I got around to the interview in December 2011, I had become a student of Dog Communication. Watching my dogs react to my signals as well as observing other people and their dogs has taught me lessons I feel every dog owner needs to know.

Martin’s story is of a young Irish lad who hid and lived in a barn with dogs. He learned his new family’s language and now he wants to share his knowledge with the world.

His first book was a best seller. This second book changed my life because I live with my dogs.

The conversation below is an entertaining 1 hour 20 minutes of amazing insights into dogs and people. It’s a recorded phone conversation and the quality is as good as I can get it. I hope this the first of many chats I will have with Martin as I continue to learn the importance of Dog Communication.

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