Pet Supplies

Dog owners are always on the look out for what is best for their dogs. Discount pet supplies help the budget

Food is so important I have given it a separate page under Discount Pet Food. As I travel or even when in a city, it is so good to know I can have good quality food delivered to me.


Because Max and Chilly are large, when I give them flea and tick, worm and heartworm control, it needs to be in the ‘for over 25kg’ range. These medications are not cheap. After shopping around, I found an online pet supplies store who had competitive pricing. I have created an account with them and have found the service excellent. I buy in bulk when I can, as it is usually cheapest.

It is worth spending a little time on the internet searching for best prices and an online store that has what you may need. I found the pricing was very competitive.

As far as savings between online pet supplies and over the counter shopping, the difference is huge.

Would you like to be part of the community?

I invite you to share your knowledge on the Comments page of this website. You can share with the huge community of dog lovers who want to feed their dogs good, healthy, affordable food.

The internet is a great source of information for dog health and products. There are lots of international sites and Facebook pages dealing with doggy issues which are just as applicable to us here in Australia.



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