Discount Pet Food

Finding Discount Pet Food is something we all can share.

I have found a few places along the way where I can buy discount pet food.

Having their own freezer, the dogs enjoy the option to buy in bulk when I do find a good deal.

Sometimes I have found pet mince at IGA in rural areas at $1 a kg. Other times a huge bag of brisket bones for $2 at a local butcher. Off cuts are sometimes a good buy as well. It’s always worth asking around.

The larger Pet Supply chains also have specials on from time to time in their fridges and freezers. Loyalty cards are also an option for bags of dry food if you tend to buy the same brand. Sometimes you have to keep the receipts and claim at the store where you joined. This is not ideal, but better than nothing as it can lead to a 10% discount.



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