Australia Travel Map

The Australia Travel Map will aid in finding those many places that are great for dog travel

Below are links to Australia Travel Maps I have built on Google Maps, Picasso Web Albums and Panoramio.

Photos of our travels with links to positions on the maps will make it easy to find where the travel sites are.

Panoramio has links to view travel sites in Google Earth.

This should prove helpful to anyone wishing to travel in the areas I have visited so far. My travels are continuing and as more travel sites are found, I will post them on Travel Dogs Australia. As fellow travellers find great places to take dogs, they can share their experiences and photos here too and I will add their information to Travel Dogs Australia.

The strength of this website is the ability to post information on the

The Search Site page is for your convenience when researching information on possible destinations. Of course use it for any search you like.

By typing in the name of the destination, you may find many other blog entries on sites submitted by fellow travellers. The insights gained here can be invaluable.

The aim of providing this page for your research, you will be as up to date as possible on any information you may need to ensure a safe and rewarding journey.

Your research may include; road conditions, pet food stores, cattle station owners for permission to camp, State Forest locations and directions, destination highlights and history and anything else that helps make your travels enjoyable for you and your dogs.

If there are issues using this page, please let me know through the Contact Us page. Travel Sites page or through the Comments page. Contact Us is another way of letting me know anything you like.

I love to hear from others on the road, dog owners or not, who share their experiences in the bush, on the beach and along the rivers.

Dog Travel Map



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